Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to make a Slip Bark Whistle

I am always trying out new experiments with wood or metal products and decided to share the making of a Slip Bark Whistle to the world.
This is a good scout or any childs project and they can create their own musical band with it.

The making of a slip-bark whistle consists of these elements;

A smooth blemish free tree branch from striped maple or willow

is all that is neded for an old fashioned slip-bark whistle.

The branch should be about 3/4 inches thick and is best

cut in the spring,when the sap is running.

Cut out a straight seven inch section from the branch.

The narrow end will be the whistle's mouth piece.

1.Peel a 1/8 in.wide ring of bark from center section of branch.

Loosen and remove bark around narrower half of branch

by tapping thorougly with knife handle,then twisting bark off.

2.Replace bark,grip it firmly to keep it in place,and shape makeing upward curving cut on underside of narrow

end.Then cut wedge-shaped piece 1 in.from end.

3.With bark removed,whittle out wood from base of wedge to

within 1 1/2 in. of handle.Groove should extend half way through

the branch.Next,slice flat sliver from mouthpiece.

4.Dip whistle core in water to lubricate,then carefully replace

bark in original position.Test whistle;if necessary remove another

sliver from top of mouthpiece..
There you have it.
Start making music with your slip bark whistle..